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NHD Student Websites 2017-2018

Individual Projects
Adam Brock (8th grade)
Conflict and Compromise in the Genpei War and Kamakura Period
Carmen Weishan Herold (7th grade)
How Music Can Change the World
Naeem Islam (8th grade)
Compromise to End All Conflict: The Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928
Adaeze Kalu (8th grade)
A Shift in Foreign Policy - Isolationist to World Policeman: The Truman Doctrine 
Selest Kok
Berlin Wall 
Nishat Nayla  (8th grade)
The Liberation War of Bangladesh
Pranjal Rai (8th grade)
The Disputed Area of Kashmir: Line of Control 
Pierce Rosenhaft (7th grade)
The Battle of Midway Explained
Milo Sandfort (8th grade)
The Treaty of Portsmouth: Peace Through Compromise 
Zoe Wiseman (7th grade)
German Unification Under Bismarck
Jason Wu (8th grade)
Dancing with Chairman Mao: The 1972 Sino-US Rapprochement Effort
 Group Projects:
Anna Blankenship &
Olympic Boycotts in the Cold War
William Emde & Noah Schwartz (8th grade)
The America Effect 
Alysia Johnson & Ayesha Mustafa (8th grade)
The Second Great Awakening: Religious Conflict Driving Social Compromises
Tashrifa Khan & Sumaiya Subha (8th grade)
Liberation of Bangladesh
Sanchit Sehgal & Ryan Lovejoy (7th grade)
Stonewall Riots: The Riots that Sparked a Rebellion

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