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All members are expected to be working through the lessons from the following website  Lego League EV3 lessons
 Club will be held in STEM LAB B125, on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:15pm to 5:30pm

Meet at the Flag Pole after School -   





Dues are $35 per person

For registration fees, field kits and robot parts, and a team T-Shirt

Club Expectations

  • Actively participate in each area of the Robotics Club, programming, building, research, and design.
  • Be respectful, responsible and stay on task
  • All members are expected to organize and clean up any materials they used during the meeting before being dismissed.
  • All members are expected to be picked up by 5:45pm, being picked up after that three times will result in loss of membership
  • No horse playing, computer game playing, listening to music will be tolerated. Members are expected to be proactive in learning how to build and program the robots. There are several tutorials online and on the computers to help members learn to do these tasks. NO PERSONAL ELECTRONICS DURING CLUB TIME!
  • During competitions with only two coaches, teams are expected to conduct themselves with some autonomy between the interviews and competitions, especially with three teams this year. Club expectations extend to all competitions and additionally, apply to the Core Value evaluation that judges perform during competition as they often walk around the team areas observing the teams. All students are expected to return to team tables after interviews and robot missions.
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