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Hello, Chamblee Middle School community, I offer greetings as the proud principal at the best middle school in DeKalb County and as we move forward, in the state and nation. As I think about who we are I would like to share some thoughts with you. It is our vision to develop in our students the academic skills and character necessary for success in high school, college, the work force, and life. Our mission is to provide a quality educational experience that meets individual needs and is supported by the home and community

Chamblee MS has a long tradition of excellence. Our teachers are held to high standards and they in turn hold their students to high standards as well. We’ve experienced turnover this year, albeit good turnover. We have worked diligently as an administrative team to acquire staff who love children and will give 100% of their energy and efforts to make sure that your children receive the instruction they deserve. My responsibility is to provide your children with a safe environment in which to grow and learn. Every day, it is my belief that every adult in this building should seek to have at least one interaction with a child that is welcoming and positive and provokes that child to say I want to go to school tomorrow. That is why we are undertaking Student Advisory and PBIS. Two other initiatives are STEAM (we are seeking certification) and Cultural Competency. I want our children to smile upon arrival, be happy while they are here and feel good about their day as they are leaving.

We will offer a challenging curriculum that will allow students to explore, work collaboratively, and apply their classroom exposure to real life experiences. We want to encourage students to question their assumptions and think deeply (we refer to this as rigor). I personally have a desire to see all of our students, your children, be successful and viable contributors in this community and beyond.

I thank all of our parent and community volunteers who work behind the scenes to provide support and resources for our children. Your volunteerism has assisted in so many ways. Our PTSA and CMS Education Foundation support our students, teachers and staff as we strive to meet our mission.

The Chamblee Way. It is not a tangible. It is a mindset. A mindset of Respect (to always treat each other better than you would want to be treated), Integrity (to always choose to do the right thing) and Perseverance (to always work your hardest despite obstacles). We are one school with one vision – to prepare all of our students to be successful and competitive in this community, in the state, across this country and around the world.

I want to thank you for your support of your children and your school.


John A. Martin

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