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August 2017

Greetings to the Chamblee Middle School Community,
I am looking forward to the beginning of another great school year as we work together to provide all our children with the best educational opportunity that we can offer. Our mission is "to provide a quality educational experience that meets individual needs and is supported by the home and community." Remember my vision for CMS - to expand the current mission statement so that we prepare students to be viable in this community, state and nation and in the global marketplace while we conduct ourselves "The Chamblee Way". We will RESPECT ourselves, each other and our stakeholders. We will practice INTEGRITY - Honesty and truth will be pervasive throughout. We will PERSEVERE - in spite of challenges facing us, we will come out on top. We want our school to be the learning institution that everyone wants to send their child to. I assure you that there is no other school in the locale that can offer the well-rounded educational experience that a child will gain at your school, Chamblee Middle School.
My goal is to continue to provide a safe, nurturing and student-centered environment in which our children can grow academically, socially and emotionally. My role is to assure that all our children are:
  1. Safe (they are loved, needs are taken care of, they have an advocate);
  2. Taught at the level which will challenge them most;
  3. Getting their academic, social and emotional needs met to the best of our ability.

We will continue to give this community a product that promotes academic and extracurricular success, physical and emotional growth and social maturity of your children, our students.

Welcome back to your school for 2017-2018, Chamblee Middle School! Go Bulldogs! 

John A. Martin


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